The New Normal – All is Well

It is hard for most of us to accept that just two weeks ago, our lives were going according to plan.  Our freedom was intact.  We did what we wanted and needed each day to achieve our goals.  Then, the world changed.  And it has changed every day since then with rapidity.  The frantic pace of startling changes that affect our freedom can produce anger, fear, sadness, and worry.

Although these are normal reactions, you don’t have to stay within those emotions. Each day we can observe what we are feeling in our bodies, which helps us link these cues to what is on our minds. This awareness helps us monitor and decide whether our self-talk (what we think to ourselves) is positive and helpful or negative, which may indicate that we need to switch it up.

Our thoughts are powerful because they lead our emotions. So witnessing our thoughts keep us in reality, as well as our emotions in check, by shifting them when they don’t serve us is empowering! We are all entering into a New Normal.  As you create yours, be intentional about creating a new normal that brings to the world your best self.

Consider filtering all your choices through a lens of “is this the best for me?”  “Is this action from a place of fear or a place of love, acceptance, and happiness?” Create a list of things you want to focus on each day.  This list can help you move towards your future and increases your focus, resiliency, and success; strengthening your body, mind, and spirit during this time.

Considering this ahead of time will help you attend to it quickly versus having your thoughts shift in an undesired direction.  Here is an example of a success list:

a success list

Make your new normal as extensive a list as you can.  As it grows so will your confidence that your temporary new normal can be as beautiful a place as you allow it.

Listen to Beth’s inspiring words about accepting the “New Normal” and practice your mindfulness:

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