Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Coaching

Be your best self using personalized AI-guided resources and professional 1-on-1 coaching.

For individuals

For individuals

For institutions in Higher Ed

For institutions in Higher Ed

For corporations

For corporations

Lives are transformed every day.

Self-improvement is fun and rewarding

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1-on-1 Coaching

Meet with a professional coach on an ongoing basis to help you with life challenges

Ooz challenges

Ooz Challenges

Get outside of your comfort zone with Out Of Zone challenges. Expand your personal growth for optimal self-esteem and confidence. 


Receive daily positive affirmations to help uplift your day.

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Self-care activities

You are so important and learning a healthy routine of self-care is what helps you stay mindful and peaceful. 

Emotional Intelligence training

Improve your emotional intelligence (EI) skills with our Proprietary EI curriculum developed by clinicians and professionals.


Keep track of your thoughts and emotions to help with your self-awareness

What is Ajivar?

  • Improves Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness skills.
  • Personalized skill training through the artificial intelligence powered technology
  • Always in your pocket and helps remind you to stay true to yourself.
  • Our coaches are different! They are all trained in emotional intelligence and mindfulness, which is key to success in life.

  • Our innovative algorithms will match you with a coach suited exactly for your specific personal or professional goals.

  • Work together with your coach and have powerful conversations that explore new ways to improve your life, enhance your skills and reach your full potential.

  • Join the Real You community to connect with and support others on life’s journey.
  • The Real You community is a highly emotional intelligent environment where you can be the Real You.
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Reach your full potential

Coaching+ allows you to meet coaches 1:1 to:

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence and mindfulness skills to help make lasting changes in your life;
  • Provide you with training, guidance and support to assist you in reaching your goals;
  • Let go of self-limitations. A partnership with a coach will help you gain clarity and perspective to be the best you.

First 2 sessions are free


"Meeting with my coach on a regular basis has transformed my life. I now have a different perspective on life, which makes me a better father, manager at work and more content in life."
"I haven't really seen an app like this before because it's so personalized and understands what I'm going through in the moment. I like how it reminds me to check in with myself every day and I love the journaling features and the Ooz challenges."
"Emotional intelligence is important because emotions will always be a part of who we are, so learning how to control, recognize, and apply them in a constructive way will help me make better choices in my life."


Impact of Ajivar

Improvement in Emotional Intelligence

After 6 weeks, emotional intelligence significantly improved in users interacting with Ajivar more than 4 times a week.

Reduction in anxiety

After 6 weeks, symptoms of anxiety significantly decreased in users interacting with Ajivar more than twice a week.

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