About Ajivar

Our mission is to bring inner peace to the world and provide the tools and guidance to live successful and meaningful lives.

At Ajivar we believe in the concept of unlimited potential. We dream big and we’re on this holistic mission to change the world for the better. We scoff at limitations, because we truly believe that nothing can hold you back. We’re in the people business and we’re here to support you on your journey one exciting step at a time. And just like no two snowflakes are alike neither is our bespoke approach. 

Authenticity is what drives us. Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness is what inspires us 24/7. Through our proprietary AI Technology, dedicated Life Coaches, and Real You communities, we invite you to take this exciting journey with us to become the best you.” 

Join us! 

Founder Members,

Raj & Trine

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Improved Emotional Intelligence

Focuses on developing a growth mindset. Uses proprietary researched emotional intelligence curriculum created by clinicians.

Improved Emotional Intelligence
Improved Wellness

Improved Wellness

Emotional intelligence and mindfulness help improve focus,  performance, and self-efficacy. Learn to be accountable for your decisions in life and prioritize self-care.


Being present is key in decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. Connect with your innate inner peace on a regular basis and notice how your life starts transforming. 

"Free app to help enhance your well-being"

Meet the Management Team

Raj Goyal - CEO

Raj Goyal, MD

CEO, CTO & Founder

Raj Goyal has a background in both medicine and engineering. He has successfully led and exited four previous startups, has over 60 articles published, and holds three U.S. patents. His last startup leveraged AI and NLP to teach communication skills. Being mindful and self-aware has helped him bringing teams together for a company’s success. 

“Anything is possible; if you think it, you can achieve it”

Trine Schmidt, LMFT, LMHC, MCLC

CT & Founder

Trine Schmidt is licensed therapist with years of clinical experience working with children, youth, families, and couples. She is a spokesperson for mindfulness and emotional intelligence believing they lead to true success. Trine is passionate about helping people get out of their own way, feel better about themselves, and reach their full potential by connecting to their true self. 

“Self-love is your home”

Kristina Fulling

Disruption Officer

Kristina has years of experience working directly with families, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, and other vulnerable populations. She now is incorporating Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help these individuals in a disruptive and scalable manner. Kristina believes that with daily mindfulness practice we can all become the best version of ourselves. 

“The Universe is my guide and I am here for the journey”

Alice LaPlante

Director of Communications

Alice is an award-winning writer and editor.  A NY Times bestselling author, Alice taught creative writing at Stanford for more than 20 years. As a journalist, she has covered technology in Silicon Valley since the early days of the PC revolution. Her current interests center on using AI for good. Her meditation and mindfulness practice helps her to focus, and be more productive and compassionate. 

“There are no problems, just opportunities”

Ben Conness

Student Ambassador

Ben is an ambitious college student and loves learning. He learned about mindfulness in high school and understands the importance emotional intelligence has for college success. He inspires his peers by his example. With a passion for helping others, he enjoys giving back to the community. Ben loves spending time in nature, playing golf and spending time with friends and family.

“Live in the present and you will experience the best life has to give you”


Dorjan Kraja, LMHC, CRC

Dorjan is a lifetime learner. He enjoys helping others and has deep roots in local mental health community working as a counselor in different settings. He loves to see people succeed in life and making sure they have the tools to do so. Being an artist at heart he utilizes creativities in all aspects of life and loves new ventures. Dorjan is also passionate about UI/UX to create an incredible journey for the Ajivar user. 

“Understanding leads to love”

Aaron Tolbert, Ph.D.

Aaron is a higher education leader whose career is focused on transformational institutional change. He is motivated by combining organizational psychology, emotional intelligence, data analytics, and leadership principles to reimagine the systems of education to work for all more equitably. He understands how critically important teaching emotional intelligence is for long-term success.

“Oh, there is a blessing in the gentle breeze”

David Swindall, LMFT, M.Div

David is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist serving his community for over 45 years. He is a leader in Domestic Violence (DV) prevention, conducting DV Intervention Programs for over 30 years. He utilizes a collaborative and holistic approach to enable people to achieve joy in their lives.

“Life is to be lived with joy”

Sriram Chellappan, Ph.D.

Sriram is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Florida. He is passionate about adapting digital technologies to create a more equal society. Of particular interest to him are AI, Cyber Safety, Digital Privacy, and Smart Healthcare.

Resilience Coaching To Transform Performance

Some people are naturally more resilient than others, where they easily cope up with pressure, as well as recover more quickly. If you are not that tough enough, our resilience coaching services will help you through issues and develop your skills in resilience to eliminate stress and anxiety.

What Is Resilience Coaching?

Resilience Coaching is a holistic and preventative approach to combat stress and anxiety and it is motivated towards a positive life. The coaching for resilience helps to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviours and emotions when you are under stress. As well as it focuses on what aspects of your resilience have been impacted, and the building of capacity. Resilience is a complex set of skills and behaviours, which often get affected by beliefs and personality traits and differ from one person to another.  It is also known as the ability to bounce back from adversity.

How Our Resilience Coaching Online Works?

Join our resilience coach training online and get ready to develop the understanding of stress and learn about new ways of building resilience skills. Our personal resilience coach will let you know how to clarify your barriers and your vision of the future both in your personal and professional life. Also, it will allow you to understanding yourself and getting practical and energising solutions for tidying up your mind.

Our resilience life coach will help you on the following-

  • Enhance self-motivation and self-regulation for better transformation
  • Build up confidence and readiness for the inevitable challenges that you will likely face in your lifetime
  • Our resilience coach will help you to attain positive approaches that help you feel better and undo the effects of stress
  • Improve communication skills

Moreover, our coach will illuminate options due to which people will then decide to build resilience and to solve real life problems.