Ajivar is an app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand your needs and teach you ways to handle stress and anxiety through emotional intelligence and mindfulness training. Scientifically-proven techniques are used to help you stay focused and live your best life.

AI means Artificial Intelligence. We are blending artificial intelligence and proven effective mindfulness techniques. The AI in Ajivar is trained by professional clinicians and users, which means that Ajivar understands your preferences and guides you using techniques personalized for your needs. 

Ooz Challenges are “Out Of Zone” challenges that help Ajivar users become more comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone. This will help increase self-esteem, confidence, and resiliency, which increases overall success. Examples of an Ooz Challenge would be “introduce yourself to 5 new people today” or “smile at 10 people today”. 

Posimations refer to positive affirmations, which are positive statements that people say to themselves to feel better about themselves and life in general. These statements help combat negative mind chatter and criticism and will allow the user to feel more uplifted and positive about themselves and others. 

The journal is available 24/7 and can be used to write down thoughts, feelings, experiences, appreciations and “aha” moments experienced while interacting with Ajivar or as you go through life. It is to keep track of the user’s learnings and growth. Sentiment analysis is performed on your journal entries by Ajivar to give you insights into your mood over a period of time. 

You are chatting with Ajivar, an app that uses artificial intelligence to provide you with a natural interaction. You are not talking with a human, however, the knowledge provided is created by professional clinicians and scientifically tested. 

Ajivar is a platform with a conversational interface that offers a variety of mindfulness techniques, methods, and approaches on how to maintain calm and healthy wellbeing. It recognizes and monitors your progress and provides help and resources when feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  The game interface of Ajivar is used to engage and inform the user. 

Ajivar is not an alternative to therapy but can be a wonderful supplement to therapeutic goals. The app is essentially a life coach or mentor that promotes self-awareness and helps you be your best.

Coaching and counseling are similar, but have some key differences.

  • During coaching you will explore any challenges you are having currently and what changes you wish to implement. Counseling focuses on helping you understand the root causes of your problems.
  • You may experience less anxiety and depression as your life is better balanced, though that is not the primary focus of coaching. Counseling focuses on how to cope with these issues.
  • Coaches can help with overcoming obstacles, provide support, and help individuals think outside the box, but are not equipped to deal with mental health crisis as counselors are.
  • Coaches help improve emotional intelligence in same ways as counselors but will not deal with trauma or past emotional issues.

Once you choose your coach, you will work 1-on-1 with this coach on achieving your goals and finding new ways to improve your life. It is good to have someone in your corner at all times.

Yes. The first 2 coaching sessions are free. During this time you will be able to discuss your short and long-term goals with your coach. You will also be given an overview of the other features of Ajivar including the emotional intelligence curriculum, prompted journaling, Ooz challenges, and the Real YOU community. 

Our coaches are certified and trained to help you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential. They come from various backgrounds and experiences with specialized skills to help you achieve your goals. We use our proprietary algorithms to find you the right coach.

Although Ajivar helps you take control of your emotional wellbeing, it does not provide a medical diagnosis. For medical advice, the best approach is always to consult your doctor or other healthcare professionals. Ajivar helps to support your goals and monitor your progress of wellbeing over time.

Unlike a course or video, Ajivar interacts with you and learns about you to meet your individual needs over time. It is continuously updated with the latest scientific research data and information on emotional health and mindfulness by our team of clinicians and professionals with the goal to help you be your best. Ajivar is available for daily interactions and videos are accessible 24/7. 

Ajivar uses what it learns from you to become a better assistant to you by generating insights on how to improve your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Your personal data is encrypted and secure.  Your personal information is not shared with anyone. 

As people interact with the AI of Ajivar, this makes the platform better able to understand human behavior and communications. Although the AI engine has been trained by clinicians and has improved  with more and more interactions, it continues to learn. We regard Ajivar as a baby that needs care and nurturing, which it receives by interacting with human users. 

The importance of self-awareness is being in tune with your mind and body. It is imperative to understand how and why you choose to react to situations the way you do based on these signals from the body. By practicing this on a regular basis allows you to understand yourself better and create more empathy and compassion for others.

Poor internet connection can cause the interactions to be slow or videos to not work correctly. Make sure you are in an area with a good connection.

Make sure you are using the email associated with your current organization and the code provided by your organization. You will not be able to login without this code. For more questions, please contact us below.

Sometimes Ajivar asks you to write your answers in the text bar on the bottom or waits for your response in order to continue the interaction. If Ajivar is not waiting for your response and not moving on, please close the app and open it again. 

Please connect with us and we can give you specific information on how to do this. 

Please tell us how you think we can make Ajivar better! Or, if you are experiencing a problem, try these steps:

1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app. You can do this by downloading from the App Store or Google Play. You may want to uninstall and reinstall the app also. 

2. Try to close the app and reopen it to see if the problem persists.

3. If steps 1 and 2 don’t resolve the issue, please provide details below:

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