Re-focus for 2 min – Gain MORE time in your day!

Re-focus Gain MORE time

Your mind is racing.  You are sitting at your computer trying to finish your assignments and all you can hear is your family talking in the other room, you distract yourself diving into social media and then….the thoughts come.

Are my friends okay? 
When will this all get better?  
Why is this happening?  
Why can’t I focus?  
How am I supposed to study with all the noise?

The questions just keep repeating over and over. If you are feeling anxious, scared, or depressed during uncertain moments in your life, these reactions are completely normal.  At the same time, there are things you can do to refocus on your studies and slow down the inner chatter.  There is a way to focus and center the mind when you need it at that moment.  And it just takes two minutes:

When you are studying and realize you have been lost in thought for ten minutes without getting anything done – the most important time is the moment you realize this!  That moment where you recognize you have been distracted is THE moment you want to catch yourself, take control, and shift to now.

How do you get your studies done?  You turn your focus to the present moment.  You aren’t thinking about how things used to be in the past.  You aren’t thinking about what life will look like in the future or what could happen that isn’t.  None of these thoughts help you now.   These 2 minutes of complete focus on the present moment will allow you to get your studies done, probably much faster than you are used to. Focus on the now and go within.

Often when we notice we haven’t been focusing and deadlines are looming, we get mad at ourselves.  This frustration leads back on an unhelpful trail, lost in disempowering thoughts.  Instead, if we take that moment of awareness that we have been distracted, with no judgment as this is just human nature, we start a two-minute mind shift that helps us refocus.

You may have to do this two-minute practice several times a day.  If you have multiple assignments and tests you may have to do this ten times a day.  But twenty minutes to refocus throughout the day is better than three hours distracted without having tasks complete.  That relief and feeling of satisfaction from completing a task is worth two minutes.

Getting distracted often produces anxiety because you might end up running out of time to finish your assignment or the worry and frustration over what is happening floods the nervous system. The two-minute exercises begin to be a welcome respite from the busy mind.

When you are finished, you will notice you are focused on the present where you can choose to give your attention to the one task that needs to be done next.  Completing today’s work is just a series of single moments that have accumulated. Let’s try two minutes of focusing now. Click here.

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