What are Posimations?

What are Posimations

Posimations, a cool term we invented at Ajivar, are really an abbreviation of “positive affirmations.” They are simple sentences that evoke positive thinking and self-empowerment, particularly when repeated on a regular basis. Posimations are similar to mantras that are utilized in ancient eastern religions such as Buddhism.

In an attempt to feel better, Posimations are used to combat negative thoughts and beliefs that can keep a person stuck in fear, anxiety or depression. Negative thoughts create negative feelings and often produce self-destructive behaviors that prevent the individual from having loving, healthy relationships with self and others.

Benefits of positive affirmations

Benefits of positive affirmations have been proven by science over the past 40 years through neuro-linguistic programming, bio-feedback, and other studies that explain how positive affirmations create new pathways in the brain.

By creating a more positive experience of how someone views their life or the world in general one feels an increased sense of contentment and happiness. Research also shows positive affirmations improve self-esteem, confidence, productivity, control, as well as eliminate bad habits, and reduce negative feelings such as anger, frustration, or impatience.

Many celebrities use positive affirmations and mindfulness to improve well-being such as Anthony Robbins, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Kyle Cease, Jack Canfield, Kerri Walsh/Misty May-Treanor, and Jim Carrey.Feeling stuck in your own mind or in life in general is a difficult place to be.

This “stuck” feeling is usually caused by limited or negative beliefs such as “I’m never going to make it,” “I’m not going to live up to the expectations,” “I just can’t do it.” These all produce self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Every experience we have in life is based on our own interpretation of the situation.

The saying “there’s no truth – just perception” is exactly what is at play here. If the first thought to a new experience is “I’m never going to do that” we most likely will miss out on many opportunities to experience and learn something new. It’s usually our own ego that resists the change and reminds us how uncomfortable change is.

This is where posimations can make a huge difference. Next time you find yourself mumbling to yourself something self-limiting, change it to something positive. Here are some examples of Posimations:·

  • My efforts are paying off and creating great success
  • I am deeply fulfilled with who I am
  • I believe in myself and my own creativity
  • I engage in work that impacts this world positively
  • My wisdom guides me to the right decisionDuring the use of the Ajivar app, Posimations are created by the artificial intelligence (AI) based on the meaning it has to the person.

These should be repeated frequently (several times a day) to help change the programming in the brain that naturally seeks out negative perspectives. Positivity and feeling good is a practice and its rewards are amazing!Ajivar will create Posimations specifically designs for you.

Reviewing these frequently in the Posimations tab will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Being the best you creates great success – like the law of attraction. When you feel good, you usually attract other people or situations that make you feel good.

We are 100% responsible for how we feel at any moment and how we choose to react in different situations.Choose to feed your soul with positive and caring thoughts about yourself. Try Posimations today!

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