Which seeds do you choose to water?

Which seeds do you choose to water

~ Thoughts feed emotions ~“Today is a good day” – “I did such a good job” – “Good things always come to me” – is that your self-talk at the end of the day? If it is not and you want to know how to get there, please keep reading.

How your thoughts affect your life

Whatever we focus on during the day becomes our focal point – it sets the agenda for the day.

This includes thought patterns, negative thinking and as a result negative emotions. If there are times during the day where you feel drained, low, discouraged, or just blah, notice your thoughts and how they contribute to these feelings. Imagine a tree with deep roots that need sun and nourishment to survive.

The seed this tree came from grew when it had the right conditions: water, sun, nourishment from the ground. Think of thoughts as being seeds in the ground that feed our well-being (tree). If you decide to water the seeds with “I’m not good enough” you will start feeling accordingly.

Repetitive thoughts become patterns or beliefs that guide our decisions in life. The more negative these beliefs are the more unhealthy the tree will become. Now, imagine a garden full of trees and flowers. What would you like these plants to look like? Every plant is an intention, an idea/plan that has yet to unfold.

The more attention (water, sun, fertilizer) it gets, the stronger and healthier it grows. Have you ever considered that most often when our mood changes “nothing has really happened” to make this occur? It is not like someone died, or our apartment got burnt down, or we got severely injured.

Although these events happen, most of the time life just offers us some contrast to how we view the world and as a result, we get ourselves upset. Again, focusing on what is not working will water the seeds of “problems” instead of selecting the seeds that grow “success”, “solutions”, “anything is possible”, etc.

It may seem counterintuitive to essentially “avoid” the problems, however, we will grow more of what we want if we focus upon what we want. What does your garden look like? Is it full of vibrant colors and tall, strong plants or is it covered in weeds?

Our complaining and negative thoughts essentially work as weeds in our garden. They take over completely if they are not managed and kept away. Frequent weeding and clean outs are necessary to keep a garden beautiful and healthy.

This can include meditation, positive thinking, exercise, drinking water, etc. Anything is possible! Water the seeds that are MOST important to you and they will flourish. The key here is to not water the entire garden including the weeds because you will then end up with a mediocre garden. Choose wisely!

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