How To Develop A Growth Mindset

How To Increase Emotional Intelligence? 5 Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

High emotional intelligence or EQ, is one of the traits of successful people, as those with high EQ are masters at managing their emotions. They don’t get angry or frustrated in stressful situations, and are able to make effective decisions by understanding the role of their emotions and trusting their intuition. Such people also have...

What Is Emotional Intelligence And Its Importance In The Workplace?

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand and manage emotions in both ourselves and in others. There are specific skills that are involved in emotional intelligence including self-awareness, self-control, motivation, empathy, and social and communication skills. Emotional Intelligence is now highly recognized as an important trait for employees by various human resources departments across the...

Is coaching for me?

How To Develop Emotional Intelligence Just In A Few Steps

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and those of others, and is pivotal in professional relationships and interpersonal communications. It is associated with the ability to make the right decisions and problem-solving. This skill is not only for leaders but is important for employees,students, clients, parents – everyone!...

What are Posimations

What are Posimations?

Posimations, a cool term we invented at Ajivar, are really an abbreviation of “positive affirmations.” They are simple sentences that evoke positive thinking and self-empowerment, particularly when repeated on a regular basis. Posimations are similar to mantras that are utilized in ancient eastern religions such as Buddhism. In an attempt to feel better, Posimations are...

increasing Emotional Intelligence

We change the world by increasing Emotional Intelligence

~ Self-awareness is key ~Emotional intelligence (EI), is a competency skill that covers many areas such as empathy, compassion, motivation, flexibility, self-love1. EI also encompasses how we react to negative feelings/situations, how we deal with conflict, and our perspective of ourselves/others/life. Having insight into these areas, also called self-awareness, allows us to react appropriately in...

mind chatter

Accepting your mind chatter

                                                  You are fully in charge! If experts say that we have about 70,000 thoughts in a day, no wonder that we get tripped up by our constant mental chatter. Have you ever paid attention to how illogical and irrational these thoughts can be? And the worst part is that we even tend to believe much...

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